Different Ways to Style Your Bracelets

Most men think the only jewelry a man should wear is a watch and a wedding band.  But it’s time to expand your horizons . You can wear a few pieces of jewelry without looking like you just got out of a yoga center, why not start with a simple

bracelet. It’s the most subtle piece of man jewelry you can wear. Key to pulling off a bracelet is making sure your bracelet compliments your outfit.  Here are few ways you can style your Bracelets……

Pair Up Your Watch and Bracelet


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Stack-up Different Bracelets


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Go Formals with your Bracelets


So, there you have it. What do you think of our list? Are you ready to be a keen bracelet wearer or are you still going to shy away from jewelry altogether ? Well you won’t know unless you try. So go ahead and pick your favorite, and bring out the cool guy hiding within you.


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