The Definitive Guide To Rocking A Lapel Pin

So you got your 3 piece suit ready for that special event? Socks matched and shoes on point…but is that enough to set you apart from the rest of the Suit-clad crowd? Nah….we don’t think so either.


Accessories are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your outfit and a Lapel Pin lets you do just that. Here’s your definitive guide on how to wear one.


There are a variety of pins available out there to baffle anyone. So here is a lowdown on which ones to pick based on the occasion

  1. Boutonniere: These lapel pins, traditional made of Flowers, are usually reserved for special occasions such as Weddings and Proms. Wear these when you have a special wedding to attend, especially if you are one of the groomsmen.boutonniere
  2. Lapel Flower: These are the modern day version of the boutonniere, made of fabric. Available in various colors and styles, these can be worn to any sort of formal event. A hit among those who like understated style.lapel-flower
  3. Lapel Pin: The quirkiest of the lot, these pins are for the modern man who likes to play around with his look. Consisting of a pin with an enamel adornment at the end of it, these can be worn to any event-formal or casual, provided it is not clashing with any other element of the outfit like the bow tie or cufflink.


The Color: Always select colors complementing your overall outfit. If you choose to keep Lapel Pin as the highlight of your outfit, opt for a contrasting color. When in doubt, stick to neutrals like creams and off-whites.

The Size: Always opt for small to medium sized pins. Large Flowers tend to make the entire outfit appear disproportionate.




The pin is always worn on the left lapel, just below the widest part of the lapel and near your pocket square. If your suit jacket already has a lapel buttonhole, use it as a guide to place your lapel in line with it.


The pin may either be inserted through the buttonhole or with the stem piercing through the lapel material. The stem may be hidden or can be left showing through the lapel, there is no right or wrong here! Just remember, the lapel should be at an angle in line with the lapel and not at a straight 90 degrees.



It is important keep the overall outfit in mind while selecting the lapel pin.  Draw focus on only one element of your entire outfit, be it the tie, cufflink,pocket square or the lapel pin.

And remember, accessories are a unique way to express your personality and add a touch of your uniqueness to the outfit. So go ahead, take your pick and rock your outfit with confidence!







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